Intel Processor with Graphic card or amd processor with graphics card

I am buying a laptop mainly for games, becoz i am travelling abroad, so i cannot take a desktop with me. So i will play future games like call of duty ghosts, assasins creed 4 black flag, watchdogs, and if gta 5 releases for pc.

I need a pc for playing these games and for future games in medium settings.

Should i buy Intel Core i5 3230m 2.6ghz, 4gb ram with 2gb AMD Radeon HD 7670M dedicated graphics


AMD A10 5750m 2.5 ghz, 512 MB AMD Radeon HD 8650G (Integrated) and 2 GB ATI Sunpro HD 8570 Graphics (Dedicated) 8gb ram.

Which of these laptop is for the above mentioned games and for future games in medium settings?
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  1. Get the intel
  2. why you are telling to get the intel?
  3. When it comes to CPUs, AMD is cheaper (more bang for your buck) but Intel has much better performance. An i5 would do you good for playing games. Not only is the raw performance of Intel better (Ex: artificial benchmarks), most games are optimized to work better on Intel builds.

    As far as video cards, AMD and Nvidia seems to have equivalents of each other (both for price and performance). this being said, AMD drivers are terrible. I've never had an ATI/AMD card that didn't have driver issues (mouse disappearing in full-screen, color distortion in multi-screen setups, etc.). Because of this I would highly recommend a Nvidia card.

    So to conclude, I would not recommend either of these laptops because they both have AMD graphics. I don't know what your price range is, but consider the MSI stealth:



    They do have 4th gen i7 CPU's which is a bit overkill for gaming, but let me know what your price range is so I can give you some better suggestions if necessary.
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    pradeep1987 said:
    why you are telling to get the intel?

    I've had hands on experience with apu based laptops and gaming, and laptops with intel processors and discrete laptops. The intel processors perform better then the amd based systems. The discrete graphics on the intel based laptop also look pretty good.
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