Post problem with MSI Z87-G41 and CX500m corsair PSU

Today I just purchased a CX500 modular power supply, as well as some hyperx ddr3 8gb ram. When I got home I wanted to do a post test with my haswell i7-4770 cpu and nvidia geforce gtx 450, then install into the case. I installed everything fine, until I came to power. I plugged the cpu power in fine, and the when I tried plugging the 24 pin main power I started to have trouble. The plug would go in until there was about a little less then a centimeter remaining for me to plug in, and the clip wouldn't clip on to the notch on the socket. I know not to force, so I tried turning everything on and shorting the two pins, but no fans turned on. I didn't plug the video card into the monitor though. Was something faulty? or did I not do something right. thanks. The video card was refurbished if that means anything.
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  1. Do you have power at the wall socket, power on at the power strip, power button on on the PSU? Make sure both 24 Pin and 4/8 pin are secure in the mobo?
  2. Yes I plugged everything in including all of what you said except the 24-pin. It was in for the most part it just wasn't completely clicked into the clip. I did plug everything in though, and turned on the switch at the PSU and power strip. It still didn't post.
  3. Check in the connector, it should go all the way in, make sure there's nothing inside
  4. Just checked and everything looks clear. One of the pins on the plug does not have anything inside of it but I think that is normal, correct? Any other suggestions?? Thanks so far
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    Do you have another PSU you could try plugging in? If it's 24 Pin connector won't fit in easily might be a flaw with the connector on the mobo, which is possible, MSI has poor QC, if it does fit easily may be a bad connector on the PSU which is also possible
  6. no unfortunately I don't have another psu is there a way of telling if it is the motherboard or psu without another psu?
  7. Could take it to a shop
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