New computer build and the app that I have open continuously has to be clicked on to keep using it.

I built a new computer and here are the specs;

Asus sabertooth 990fx
AMD fx8350
XFX Radeon 7850
Samsung 120GB SSD
Seagate 1Tb HDD
16 GB of RAM
Windows 7 Pro

The problem happens every minute or so on whatever application that I am using (web, document, pictures). It's as if I have clicked outside of the page I'm working on and have to reclick on the page I'm using. Please help.
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  1. What DRAM? the model you have the latest BIOS? and the latest mobo drivers? Also might run a Malware check, MalWareBytes has a free version you can use......also can try starting in SAFE Mode and see if problem occurs there, if not it's likely a driver problem
  2. The RAM is Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1600 PC3-12800, BLS2CP8G3D1609DS1S00 appears to be the model#. Not sure how to check for the latest mobo drivers and bios drivers. When running in safe mode it seems to be working just fine. How do I check the drivers?
  3. If fine in safe mode, then it's probably a driver, can go to your mobo site, find your mobo and there will be a download section, download each of the latest drivers, then go to the BIOS section of download and download it - also print the directions for the BIOS flashing - then flash BIOS and then update the drivers
  4. I went to Asus's website and they have a large amount of different downloads. Not sure which one I would need. I will flash the BIOs this weekend.
  5. Not being able to see your rig, I'd suggest downloading all the latest version for your OS and updating
  6. I have updated the BIOS and windows is up to date. I have changed the keyboard and the mouse. Nothing seems to have changed. One more thing that I didn't really notice before was that when it kicks me off the window or page, it sometimes kicks my wifi connection off as well. I know the wifi is still working because the other devices I have running are fine. Any idea where to go from here?
  7. Strange, haven't run into something like this that I remember, if it's a singular app might try reinstalling
  8. That's what gets me. It's everything on the computer not just one thing.
  9. wc351 said:
    That's what gets me. It's everything on the computer not just one thing.

    Sounds like a software program is taking away control of the system (ie. windows sidebar or your AV product) when they update the status in the background and not giving it back to the program you are using properly.

    Try disabling the windows sidebar if using it and see if it stops happening -- or if you are using an AV product with Real time scanning try disabling the real time scans and see if that helps. (some AV products constantly check every file that is opened and can cause this type of behavior when they delay the execution of some program while scanning the file before opening it.)
  10. I do not have windows sidebar running at all. As far as AV stuff i haven't added anything to the computer yet. Until this error is fixed nothing will be added. I tried running just one monitor and that does not seem to help. Looks lie I will try installing windows from a different disk. Could this problem have to do with the wireless card? It's a TP-Link TL-WDN4800. I was looking at the driver dates for the installed drivers and noticed that this one was from 2011. When I tried updating to the one from the website it does not seem to update to the one that I have downloaded. Even when told where to find the driver it will not change to the new driver.
  11. An update to the problem. I uninstalled every driver and utility that dealt with the wireless card. I then went through my device manager and pointed the device to the correct driver that I had downloaded from TP-Link. Once it was up and running again I did not re-install the utility for the wireless card. It has been almost a week now with no issues.
  12. Good!, weird but glad to hear all is well ;)
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