External Hard Drive Works Only on 50% of Computers

I have a laptop and a desktop computer. I also have a Toshiba external hard drive. When I plug it into the desktop, the drive works perfectly. When I plug it into any of the ports on my laptop, it doesn't show up at all; not even in Disk Management. I have two other external hard drives that work just fine in those ports.

So how do I determine why the drive isn't working and then how do I fix it?

EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm using Windows 8.
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  1. Does this external drive work in the laptop if you remove all the other external drives from the laptop first? There's a known issue with WD external drives and Windows 7, where drives of the same kind have the same signature and you will only see one at a time.
  2. Nope. It used to work with both drives plugged in, but now it won't work even with every other USB device disconnected.

    EDIT: Also I'm using Windows 8, I forgot to put that in the original question. Just edited that in now.
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