Nvidia GTX 770 vs 780

Hey guys,

I cannot decide on which graphics card would be worth the buy for me. The gtx 770 or the 780. Money isn't really an issue however, will I see a noticeable difference between the two cards? I plan on playing low end games at first but might get into higher end games like BF, Crysis, Far Cry 3. I wanna be able to play on pretty high settings with very playable frames.

I know you might think "if money isn't an issue, just get the higher end card" but I just want to know if its actually worth my money in terms of performance.

Thanks for the feedback!
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  1. If you are talking single monitor gaming at 1080P the 770 is plenty.
  2. rolli59 said:
    If you are talking single monitor gaming at 1080P the 770 is plenty.

    agree at 1080p it just isnt worth the upgrade the 770 will max out everything except maybe crisis 3 you might have to dial just a couple of details down but otherwise will be fine at 1080p.
  3. Get asus hd 7970 for 300$
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    Marcopolo123 said:
    Get asus hd 7970 for 300$

    +1 i recommend the 7970 over the 770 as it has more vram which is always good and performs about the same unless your really worried about the small power increase 25w i believe but dont quote me on it then i dont see any reason not to get the 7970 i also love asus cards as there cooler is top notch quite and cool they cant be beat i currently have a asus 7950 in my rig however they have one downside and that is if you plan on sli or crossfire in the future the triple slot coolers on the high end models while effective can make dual graphics cards not possible in the future depending on your mobo and case.
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