Would the Razer Tiamat work properly with the p8z77-v premium MOBO?

Thinking about getting the Tiamat but I'm not sure if it's surround sound would work at its best when going through the inbuilt sound card in my MOBO. I can't really figure out if my built in sound card even supports 7.1 surround. Additionally assuming that my MOBO will let the Tiamat work properly, I'm strewn between getting the Tiamat or the Z Seven headset. The thing that puts me off of the Z seven is that I feel like the ear-cups look like they could easily break off. If anyone can help me with these problems it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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    It's pretty easy to figure out if your mobo supports 7.1 Surround. See here:

    See the colored plugs on the right? The green is the front audio, the orange is the subwoofer, the black is the rear audio, the grey is the side audio, and the pink is for the mic.

    It will work. I don't know which headset will be better, though. Not my forte.
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