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I have a harddrive thats been giving me a couple of BSOD (every week too every other week). I'm running Windows 8 on an Asus laptop. Just did a HD Tune scan and getting warning on Reallocated Event Count and Current Pending Sector.

Is the Harddrive going to crash anytime soon or is this "normal".

~ Jens

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  1. antiglobal said:
    It is failing. Those pending sectors will be relocated eventually (if your drive has enough spare sectors), or you can backup your data and do a low level format (to fors the relocation of those sectors imidiatly). If your HDD has enough spare sectors left, you can continue to use it (like I do, my HDD has 487 relocated sectors), but the chanses of the drive failing is high.
    Also, it seems that you have bumped that drive a lot (G sense error rate)...

    Thank you for the quick reply. Already made an RMA with Asus, so I hope I'll get it replaced! Since it hasn't run for so long under 2000 hours, I think I should be able to get a new one. :)
    Thanks for the help :)
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