Stuttering with GTX 590 in games

Hi all,

I owe a GTX 590 for about a year + now.
I didn't have much problems with the card till recently.
I switched to playing FFXIV and for some unknown reasons, I'm having very bad stutter.
The stuttering is so bad that even when I turn my screen, it is stuttering.
I would have random freeze and had to restart my windows (This actually never happened before till recently)

I've tried various ways.
I tried to update to latest nVidia drivers and it didn't work.
I've tried to downgrade it to older drivers, it didn't work.
I've done a clean install of windows on my SSD (I actually got a new SSD and reformat it), it didn't work.
I've lowered all my game settings to lowest, tweaked the nVidia control panel, it didn't work.
I've really tried all ways but it just won't work.

Is there any kind souls to please help me with my issue?
I really can't think of anything else anymore.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

My rig spec;

INTEL i7-2600k
Samsung SSD
1TB BLUE 32MB 3.5" SATA3 HDD for storage
FSP 750W
Windows 7 64bits
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  1. Is it in all games or just FFXIV? If the latter, have you tried enabling vsync?
  2. I've played GW2 and there was mild stuttering.
    I just ignored it because it was playable.
    But when it came to FFXIV, I just couldn't just close one eye on it.
    It was horrible.
    I could drop to 0FPS at times.
    I've tried enabling vsync, disabling my multiGPU, it just won't work.
  3. Bump~

    Help anyone?
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