Win Xp Pro: User data should be deleted upon logoff

I would like to know the following things:

At present:
1. I have 5 windows XP Pro peer computers with two account (Administrator and walkin)
2. walkin users sits on the computers and use for few hours.
3. While using they copy some files from their pen drives or download from their emails.
4. They log off from the system after their use.

I want to configure the systems:
1. Let the user copy or download the files.
2. Once the user logged off from the system, the saved files of the user should get deleted and the next time the user login those file should not found again in the computer.
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  1. Deep Freeze might be an answer. It doesn't do exactly what you're asking for, but the result is the same.
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    This is not a perfect solution but you could try something along this line.

    Assuming the computers have 1 physical disk and a single system partition, are working on a workgroup (domain would be ok also) and you do not need a forensic level wipe (I.E. overwrite each and every bit to prevent data recovery)

    1. Use disk management to shrink the system partition and create a second partition and assign drive the D: drive.
    2. Use local GPO to hide the C: drive (note this is not 100% secure but OK for a quick fix).
    3. Invite Users to use the D: drive for their data downloads etc.
    4. Use logon/logoff scripts to wipe the D: Drive on logon or logoff. quickest way to wipe would be to use 'Format d: /q /x /y'.
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