Intel core i5 3470 or amd cpus for house work l?

Hi guys i am going to buy a cpu whether its intel core i5 3470 or a cheaper amd cpu that is better for pure gaming,recording,calculations,photoshopping,browse internet,checking emails and youtube? I have the following spec
Cpu:help me decide pls (the price cannot be higher than intel core i53470
Gpu:nvidia geforce gtx 650 ti or a sapphire radeon hd 7770?
Monitor:1366x768 led monitor
Motherboard:ASROCK H77 PRO4/MVP ATX LGA 1155
Ram: 8gb hyper x
Os:win7 home prem 64bit
Memory : 1tb western digital
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  1. Budget?
  2. The budget for the cpu is below 170$
  3. GTX 660 HERE - $170 after rebate.
  4. Dood i want a cpu not a gpu read my quesion carefull! :(
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    If you can afford to wait and your budget is indeed 170$, get an i5 3570K. You can find it on sale for around 170$ and probably less with the holidays coming.

    You'' be doing yourself a disservice going with the 3470.

    Compare the two here: and here:,65520.

    Though honestly you should be looking at Haswell chips at this point instead of Ivy Bridge unless you already have the motherboard. The 4570 replaces the 3470. Read up on it here:
  6. But is there any better cpu for amd that is better than the i5 3470 like the fx 8350?
  7. But is there any better cpu for amd that is better than the i5 3470 like the fx 8350? Cuz having the i5 3470 is already maxed out my budget(btw which gpu suits my i5 the best between this 2 cards:nvidia geforce gtx650 ti or sapphore radeon hd 7770 vapor-x)
  8. This benchmark listing may not be accurate, but at least placed each CPU according to their relative performance so you can check Intel against AMD.
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