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Yes i have a debate with a friend who says leaving my computer on all the time will wear on my new graphics card..Nvidia geforce GT 520 and will ultimately cause my graphics card to overheat but i say it will not if i leave my comp running 24/7...Am i right or is he?
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  1. The cooling mechanism on a graphics card, forced air or not, is designed to keep the card in an operational temperature range. Unless something is very wrong, there is no reason a card will overheat just ambiently running.

    That said, leaving the machine on also means that all mechanical components are powered and on, which hypothetically results in wear. Will it ruin your machine? No, most likely not.
  2. I leave my computer (2x gtx560 is sli) on 24/7.

    Your GPU is not even being used when the computer isn't running games. Its just sitting there. Nothing is being damaged and it is actually GOOD to leave a computer on all the time. It is much better for the HDD. NOTHING is overheating or being hurt at all by leaving the computer on. Its a GOOD thing to do.
  3. I suggest you turn it off when your not using it. It extends the lifetime of your Components.
  4. iNova said:
    I suggest you turn it off when your not using it. It extends the lifetime of your Components.

    This is false for the HDD. A ton of tests have shown that keeping a HDD spinning is MUCH better for it than powering it up and down and up and down.
  5. I personally turn mine off, but I usually only have access to it for around 8 hours a day so it seems like a bad idea to have it on for no reason 16 hours out of the day. I also live in a dusty area and if my PC where on during those times, that would be 16 hours a day of 2 fans sucking dust into the case... unless the fans turn off during sleep which they probably do but I don't remember.

    Would it benefit me to leave mine on tiny? I only turn mine on once a day with the exception of restarts.
  6. Modern GPU's lower their clock speeds when they are idle(not running games) generating less heat, so specifically for the GPU heating up if left on. it will not.
  7. Think of a light bulb. When does a light bulb usually burn out? When it is already on and glowing or when you first turn it on? Most electronic circuits are the same, it is the "surge current" when the device is first turned on that causes the device to burn out.
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    If you don't plan on using it for a while (like more than a day, not counting for programs that need to run for a long time to do their stuff) it is probably better to turn it off for obvious reasons. But if you are using it every day you don't really need to turn it off, I've kept my laptop powered on for weeks at a time and my desktop has been on for a few days at least, short of updates requiring a restart I don't even really think of powering it off. I do, however, put it to sleep a lot when I'm not using it (so like overnight, going to classes in the case of the laptop).
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