HDD Failure(SMART Test Failure)

I recently built a new PC. I am using WD Cavier Black 1TB for the PC. I have already replaced one of my HDD because there was SMART test error and bios detected that error. But the same error is being caused on the second HDD(replaced one) too. In my 1st HDD the problem was caused after installing the OS and now in my new HDD I cannot even install the OS properly and its also making clicking noises.
So, why am I facing this same problem again?
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    Clicking noises come from the read/write head trying to release itself from the platters after they have crashed into each other. The drive is ruined. Maybe you were just unlucky and were given a drive from a bad batch, maybe they were handled carelessly in the warehouse or in transit

    Contact the drive manufacturer if it's a new drive and ask if it can be returned for a free exchange.
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