Which Graphics Card is the best for my PC

Hello I want to upgrade my pc but I have no idea what graphics card I should use. I am really new at this and I need some help. My budget is between $250 - $300 and here is a link to my pc info: I do know I need to upgrade my psu
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  1. Before you decide on a gpu, you are going to need to upgrade your psu. You MIGHT get away with an HD7750 on the stock psu as it does not need additional power, but your 300w psu is not well made and you will run a risk of the psu blowing.

    My suggestion is to look at decent 450w psu's also (like XFX, Seasonic, Corsair).

    As far as the gpu goes, the GTX 760 is about $250 and is, IMO, the best mid level gpu out there.

  2. For a high end card you'll need a replacement PSU.
    Good news is you can get both and still stay under max budget.
    Choices are: GTX760 or HD7950.
    The 760 is a little more expensive but has better AA, adaptive Vsync and PhysX. The reference cards are quite compact and exhaust their heat out of the case, a useful plus for an OEM case as they're not usually very well ventilated.
    The HD7950 can be <>$30 cheaper, comes with a nice little games bundle, has more memory and tends to be better at high resolutions. Practically all the coolers vent their heat into the case and some can be noisy under load.
    My card suggestions:
    Average price, better than average warranty, legendary service:
    Probably the best 'budget' 7950:
    And to keep' em fed:
    And from those very nice EVGA people we have:
    A fraction more expensive but from a highly regarded maker:
  3. Anything over high low end video cards will be wasted on the CPU, you can get a Radeon 6670 that will run on your power supply and will run with the A8 video in crossfire for a decent performance boost over the stock A8. I would think anything over a Radeon 7770 will start to be bottlenecked by the CPU.

    Your best budget upgrade is probably the 6670 running in crossfire. A 7750 card should run without any power supply upgrades, but you will see about the same performance as a 6670 in crossfire with the A8. To run a 7770 you will probably need a power supply upgrade, and I would not go higher with video cards unless you are going to upgrade the CPU in the next year or so. You can get a 7790 for pretty cheap here if you go for a power supply upgrade, and the 7790 will keep up with a faster CPU at some point if you upgrade to an A10 or move to a faster system alltogether.
  4. Best answer
    OK, me bad.
    Extra questions:
    Which CPU is installed?
    What is the monitor resolution?
    Why the Upgrade? Yeh, I know, gaming ;).
    If it's for gaming, what type of games do you/will you play?
  5. I play fps games and minecraft mainly. Thank you for your input and I will most likly buy the 760 thanks
  6. iTzBeastz said:
    I play fps games and minecraft mainly. Thank you for your input and I will most likly buy the 760 thanks

    760 and a power supply. It won't run on the stock 300 watt one.
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