Can't figure out how to take picture (except on Facebook). No icon. When I search for camera driver comes up but no softwear t

Computer is several years old, never had need to take photo before. There is and never has been as far as I know any icon in start menu or on desktop for camera., though it is possible icon got deleated. I know my camera works because can take photos in facebook.

I search in start menu for "camera", get "view scanners and camera". Nothing is listed in the box (ie no webcam...but again, I do have one and it does work so that tells us nothing as far as I can see) . I search in start menu for webcam and get "dell webcam console". This small box that pops up lets me adjust camera setting but there is NOTHING to click on to take a picture and there is no link leading to that place either.

There also are options to look at the devices. AT NO POINT is there a way seemingly to actually click on something to get where I can take a picture.

Do I need to download some softwear to do this? I can't be sure but it does not seem that it tells me I have camera softwear. Please help

All the other answers seem to be at the level of searching on start menu, finding softwear, and clicking on it. OR finding the icon and clicking on it. I've tried all that, again nothign to click on.

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    go to the del site. go to the support section ( you may have to log on with an account) put in the make and model of your computer and you should see a list of all available software in the download section/tab.
    in there you should find the cam software. just be aware if you have upgraded the o.s the software may not work on the new o.s.. if its the original o.s that the comp shipped with then just download and install with elevated privs if needed.
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