Unable to boot Toshiba Laptop at all

Hi Folks..

Having a big problem here.. I can not boot up a Toshiba Satellite L750D at all..

Every option that I try.. SAFE MODE. .. BOOT FROM DISK.. COMMAND PROMPT all lead me to a completely black screen with the movable mouse arrow floating on it.

I can not even reinstall windows..

Anyone know how to get around this problem?

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    Sounds like you may have a failing/failed Hard Drive. Since you cannot boot from Disc, you may have to run a S.M.A.R.T test on the Hard Drive from another computer. You may find that physically removing the hard drive from the laptop may allow you to boot from Disc - If so, you probably have a bad Hard Drive.
  2. Hi...

    Did a few more tests.. I can not boot from a Win 7 or Vista disk... but I can from an old Win XP disk.. I was also able to boot from a Dr.Web USB to scan for boot sector viruses and system came up clean..

    I don't have another PC to test the drive on.. my other systems are all Mac...

    Any other suggestions I could try?
    Are there any USB bootable options which will give me tools to check the drive for errors?
  3. Used Hiren's Boot cd to run some hardware tests.. and as you suspected RatedK it is indeed drive failure. :)

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