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Ive just bought a new laptop. Lenovo y500. It has a i5 Intel proccesor and a Nvidea Geforce 650M GT videocard and 8GB RAM Memory
Ive got a few games like FIFA 13 and Batman Arkham Asylum.
At first the games run very smoothly and i was very happy with my laptop. Now after a while the games suddenly run extremly slower. I used to play FIFA in highest settings and it worked fine. Now its running very slow. Even in lower settings. I dont know what to do. Could somebody help me please?
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  1. Most common reasons:
    1) heat issues
    2) not optimized system
    3) outdated drivers
  2. I dont think there are any heat issues. I updated my videocard a few hours ago. and what do you mean with not optimized system?
  3. If you just bought it, take advantage of the warranty service and have them troubleshoot with you over the phone.
  4. Do you use programs like ccleaner, systemCare, etc?
  5. I had this problem a few months ago i thought my GPU had died, however it turned out to be a flashplayer virus that had somehow gotten on my PC. It started out hidden then when id play a game the fps would go below 20 sometimes even 10 and one day i pressed Alt-Ctrl and Delete and noticed the flashplayer program was taking up literally all my processing power and killing my advice is check this quickly and good luck because i lost everything, i had to Format the computer to get it running properly again.
  6. Hello! I’m really desperate at the moment…
    my games are very slow
    games are lagging
    fifa 14 game run fist 5 min weell but after that suddenly it started to lag.
    my cpu configuration is
    core 2due

    ram 4 GB
    GPU sapphire HD 7730

    PLZZZ..... Help
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