Please help a POOR chemist with DINOSAUR windows xp

When my computer starts I get this ERROR CODE with a RED "x"
Error loading c:\program files\conduit\CT3289663\plugins\TBverifier.dll The specified module could not be found.I started getting this messages after a SAMM SOFT Tool bar download stole the menu bar off my interenet explorer.I have a DINOSAUR windows xp that has a missing menu bar on internet explorer(i THINK it was hijacked by some rotten download I did) I can't locate that ITBarLayout value on the registry editor,so HOW do I get my menu bar back? My Mozilla firefox and Google Chrome work perfectly! It is just the internet explorer that is messed up:the menu bar is missing. HOW DO I GET MY menu bar BACK FOR INTERNET EXPLORER..tHIS HAS BEEN A 2 MONTH MISERY:WOULD SOME COMPUTER geek PLEASE SEND ME THE CORRECT SOLUTION FOR WINDOWS XP 32 BIT THAT IS MY SYSTEM. thanks!
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    1) click Start > type "msconfig" and uncheck everything in startup tab.
    2) Restart computer and download malwarebytes to cleanup your computer. Or use anti-virus of your choice
    3) Quarantine all bugs and restart computer.
    4) Run quick scan 1 more time to re-check for loose bugs.
    5) That always works. Good luck!
  2. You should be able to do a system restore to a previous checkpoint when things were running well.
  3. You might want to check out this link from Microsoft:
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