Corsair H110 extreme won't mount 1150 socket properly

I'm trying to install it on a msi z87 gd45 board, but no matter which combination i use to screw the cpu cooler in, it just won't fit! Even if i do get three in properly, the last one needs a ridiculous amount of force to get it to match the hole, and that just leaves the fourth one on an uncomfortable angle. I've rechecked all the parts and made sure they are for 115x.
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  1. Sounds like you may have got a bad a cooler, call Corsair and see what they advise.
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    I have seen other users report incompatibilities with high end gaming boards (with beefy heat sinks) and Asetec ALC coolers (Asetek makes coolers for Corsair and others). OTOH, normal WC blocks work just fine.

    I'd suggest a real water cooling kit such as:

    or if budget is tight

    Another option is the Swiftech 220 ... they move the pump from the CPU toi the radiator which makes the WB smaller .... and avoids any patent issues with Asetek..
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