0x00000124 hal.dll BSoD caused by the new Nvidia 327.23 driver?

Just 15 minutes ago I was playing CS:GO made two aces :bounce:
But then it suddenly blue screened, it being the first time that this happened to me I just panicked and did not look at the error. It rebooted and I downloaded BlueScreenView, and it gave me this screen:
hal.dll makes me think it is a driver related thing and since the new Nvidia driver just came out this made me thinking...

4670K clocked at 4.0 GHz cooled with NH-D14
GTX 780 not overclocked
Corsair Vengeance pro 8gb
MSI G45 z87
Antec EA-650 platinum
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  1. HAL is Hardware Abstraction Layer which would point to an unstable CPU OC.
  2. 4.0 GHz with OC Genie wouldn't cause that right?
  3. Try running at default clocks and see if error occurs.
  4. I'm trying that now, only running the memory at XMP 1600
  5. This has solved the problem. Do I have a bad overclocking chip or does OC genie suck?
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