Computer not booting, making high pitched noise

Hello,My friend and I are building a pc and we have everything connected correctly (to my knowledge) however when we boot up the pc, the fans spin however he pc will refuse to boot to the bios screen. We are using an 8350, 8GB corsair vengeance and an asus M5A78l m motherboard. The only doubt I have is that the CPU power connector is not correctly plugged in. We are using what seems to be a GPU connector but we cannot find a different power lead. Also a green light is constant when the pc is started and a high pitched squeak is heard.
Any suggestions?Thanks
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  1. The GPU connector is marked PCIe as a rule. The CPU Connector is two 4 pin Connectors with black and yellow wires. The PCIe connector is generally a 6 pin + 2 pin connector.
  2. Thanks guys. I think we know what the problem is, we have not got the correct cable for the CPU power. However we are struggling to find which one is correct. The PSU we have is an XFX pro core 650w edition.
    Any ideas or pictures?
  3. The cable is a 4 + 4 pin. Meaning it will look like an 8 pin cable but you will take it apart.
  4. Ah okay, thanks. We will test that tomorrow
  5. reubenno said:
    Ah okay, thanks. We will test that tomorrow

    That was the first thing listed in the article I posted above.
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