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I have a laptop that I use to earn a living. I am a writer, so I create files all the time I can't afford to lose.

I have Windows 7 Pro, a 60 gig SSD, two external hard drives (60 gig and 500 gig) and a handful of flash drives ranging from 2 gig up to 16 gig. I have Dropbox and Google Drive accounts as well. Lots of potential space. So far I have maybe a gig of data but I add to that all the time.

What I need is the most automated and closest to free solution to backup documents, pictures, databases and so forth. Dropbox is the most automatic but it has the least space available, at the moment.

What would anyone recommend?

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    Carbonite is only $60 a year and has unlimited space allowance:

    Free trial to check it out.

    Just one option.

    Good luck!
  2. Not sure about your network setup, but how about a NAS? You can get a large amount of storage, in a RAID setup to greatly increase reliability.
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