Need Help Picking A Pc Gaming Case!

Hello i am looking for suggestions on buying a new pc case i am thinking about this one but i cant be sure any help would be awesome!
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    I like those two. This really comes down to personal preference mainly considering the looks of the case. You want to look for something that gets generally good reviews, has plenty of room inside, plenty of vents, a side vent is preferable for your GPU's, plenty of places to mount fans of all sizes, and you want one where the PSU will mount on the bottom. Do your research before buying and get whichever design you prefer out of the good quality cases. You want a good quality case because this is something you can reuse for multiple builds if you want to. Unless standards change you can use the case forever.
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    Think about what you need it for, eg do you want water cooling? Do you want a mid size or a full tower?

    Mainly it comes down to cost vs looks vs quality (layout and build).

    Added: Hugely bias here but the phantom is sexy. If you can go into a shop to look at these if will give you a better idea. Also photos of full builds give you an idea of how much space is inside it.
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