Need help choosing a new GTX 760


So, as some of you may see in my system I had a Gainward Phantom GTX 670 for about three days, and then got sent back because of some rather loud coil whine. They didn't have the same in stock, so are issuing me with a £205 refund.

Basically, I've now decided, based on recommendations and overclocking potential to get a 760. But I'm stuck between the MSI gaming edition model and the ASUS DirectCU one.



My system is black and red in theme, so both are ideal. Both are £215.99. The MSI one has a better inital overclock though, whether that matters or not regarding the total OC.

Let's not forget I'm using a 6300, so these are about as much as I need.

Best Regards
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  1. Really they will both perform almost identical, and in practice, identical. I would say get the MSI because the Frozer is a slightly better cooler, and since there isnt much else, it looks better.
  2. Hmm both are good choices, but if you want great overclocking go for a gigabyte. Otherwise get the MSI for the color scheme ;)
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