Gigabyte X87 UD3H Stuck on Splash On Boot (New Build)

[Edit] Sorry, the forum cut off my initial post and it turned out to be a different issue than I thought. The freeze on boot is being caused by one of my drives, new thread:
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    Try removing the gpu...and the drives from the mb and run on one stick of ram and the onboard video. If you can get into the bios then update it. Then plug just one ram stick in then the gpu....then the drives to see what was hanging the system. Try another mouse and keyboard to rule out USB hang.
  2. I already did most of that. However, learning the A2 code had to do with loading IDE, I unplugged the hard drives. This got me to the BIOS.

    I try running with my hard drive that has Windows, and this boots to Windows, but having the other in seems to cause this issue. Trying to figure out if it has to do with boot priority or what else could be going on.
  3. Are you using an IDE to Sata card or in the bios you have the Sata ports set to IDE mode.
  4. Sorry, I'm using SATA not IDE, and it's set to ACHS (or whatever) in the BIOS. I just tried all kinds of cord configurations to see if it would let me boot with that drive plugged in, but it still won't. Has nothing to do with boot priority. I had them in Sockets 0, 1, 2, 3 in different orders and if this drive is in, it won't budge past the splash screen.

    Not really sure what this means, they were both working earlier this afternoon on my other board and CPU.
  5. Try updating the mb bios and one drive at a time. Also be carefull of add in cards they can sometime use the same Irq or memory range of other mb parts.
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