How to overclock Pentium Dual Core E5200 (LGA 775)

I want to overclock my Pentium Dual Core E5200. I would like instructions where in the BIOS I have to change the settings. I am going buy a CPU cooler very soon (Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 GT Rev.2) I would like to know how much I can overclock it (I would prefer 2.7-2.9GHZ) I have a Biostar G31-M7 TE motherboard and 3GB RAM If that helps.

Thanks. :)
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    Hi in the past i have overclocked a couple of 5200's on old g31 boards. It has been a long while so dont take my word as chuck norrises or anything but i can give you a basic outline. They are not the best boards for overclocking but it can be done pretty easily. I used to get an easily stable 3.2ghz, and have gone up to 3.7 once (not stable on this board)

    There should be an advanced header in your bios which includes options for CPU FSB Speed, DRAM Speed and so on. In that their should be a tab for your cpu where you can adjust the FSB frequency (base frequency before the multiplier is applied). Check to see if you multiplier is at its max (12.5) and all you have to do from their is adjust the FSb frequency from its stock 200MHZ to say 225 (multiplied by 12.5) giving you a clock of 2.8ghz.

    The trick though is that with increasing the FSB of the cpu the RAM frequency also climbs, so to get a good clock (say 250MHZ@12.5=3.12ghz or 270@12.5=3.4) your RAM frequency will increase to around 960MHZ-1070mhz) so lowering the RAM frequency is also needed if you have DDR2-800 Ram, but if you have DDR2 1066 you should be fine. There is an option in the same advanced tab in bios to adjust your Defualt RAM speeds, which will be set at (auto).

    My explanation is flawed becasuse i can not remember the bios configuration on my last board but a good idea is to try and fine a product Manual online and quickly read the BIOS section. It is a simple process of increasing the base FSB and making sure your ram frequencies are within their operating frequency.

    So all in all you certanly can overclock your e5200, they are actually great chips to overclock in that regards. If you are looking for a small overclock you do not need to manually sett voltages for your cpu or ram, just the auto settings and you should be fine. I know i probably havent helped answer exactly where to find the options to adjust FSB and RAM frequencies, but i hope i have givin you some basic idea of the process.
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