Rosewill THOR V2 vs COOLER MASTER HAF 932 vs NZXT Phantom 530 vs NZXT Phantom 630 vs something else(?)

What do you think of these 4 atx full towers? I'm stuck between the four of them. Is it worth getting the Phantom 630 over the 530 or the HAF 932 over the Thor V2, etc. I can only choose one, and my heart isn't necessarily set on any of these. If you have a better option within the $130 to $160 range, please say so.

Phantom 530:

Phantom 630

Thor V2

HAF 932

Newegg's compare thing (not sure if this works)

If it matters, I would like to water cool one day, although that day may not be for quite some time. I'm looking to get a case that's almost completely future-proof. I'm in the process of upgrading everything, soon, my setup should look like this:

Intel i5-3750k (To be overclocked, hopefully to a minimum of 4.2 GHz)

Some CPU cooler, probably a Hyper 212 EVO

Asrock Z77 Pro3 mobo

Radeon HD 7950 (Used for mining Litecoin as well as gaming. I'll probably buy another one at some point)


1 Optical Drive

1 2.5" SSD
1 2.5" HDD
5 3.5" HDD

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  1. Antec 1100
  2. Outlander_04 said:
    Antec 1100

    I was hoping for a full tower, but this thing looks pretty close. Is there room for a full rad, though?
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