24-pin connector to motherboard connection problem

When trying to do a post test I plugged in the PSU then the 24 pin and 8 pin as well as the 6 pin to the video card. The 24-pin connector ddid not plug in all the way, but I don't know if that is the problem. No fans turned on when I flipped the PSU switch and shorted the power pins to create the circuit. Is it because the 24 pin wasn't all the way in? or because of something else? thanks.

CX500M corsair PSU
MSI Z87-G41 motherboard
Nvidia geforce gtx 450
just trying to post and see if everything works
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  1. I would say not having the 24 pin plug in was/is your problem.
  2. should i push it in and force it or what?
  3. Look at the connector carefully. There are square and rounded corners on each pin. Make certain that they match up.
    There is a latch on the side that matches a ridge on the side of the motherboard connector.
    Insert the connector straight down, not at an angle.

    Do not force anything that does not fit.
    Normally, the 24 pin connector goes on snugly and is difficult to remove once seated properly.
  4. heres a video on the actual problem not sure if it will help but the thing is that it doesn't fit snugly I think you'll see clearly in the video that there is space between the connector and the socket. Ill post the link if anyone needs it, but what do i do? get another psu and see if its the psu or motherboard?
  5. psu pins are very standard, as are the motherboard sockets. I really doubt it is the psu.
    I don't see the link.
    sorry if the video/audio is bad it was really quick on my tablet
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    Ok I see what is your question. If you look at the 24 pin connector from the PSU, you can see it has a locking clip that snaps over the MB header. You need to gently push it down till it snaps over the locking tab. You may be able to rock the PSU connector a bit to help it seat. However it looks like the connector is down far enough to make contact. Check the 8 pin also to see it is on correctly.
  8. good day, I'm having the same problem. how exactly did you solve this? Your answer will really be appreciated. thanks.
  9. I've built 5 pc's and never had this problem but I have a modular Corsair PSU and all the other connectors go in but not the motherboard one. It won't go on the psu or the motherboard. It goes on but never seats all the way.
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