Will this ram work with my motherboard?


Im trying to upgrade my ram and im not 100% sure if this ram would work. Listed below are links to the ram and to my motherboards specs, thank you for your help!

RAM: IBM 46C7523 - 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR2 PC2-6400P CL6 800Mhz vlp (low profile) Memory

motherboard:GA MA78LM-S2H
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  1. Should work, the frequency is supported and it has 2 modules, so it should be fine.
  2. Thanks for the quick response! does you know what the p in 6400p, CL6 and VLP signify?
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    It will work fine. That is Elpida RAM. Companies like Corsair and GSkill don't actually make any products they just rebrand. Elpida is a major manufacturer. So you might very well get these same modules with a Corsair name brand on them.

    Not sure what the P in 6400P signifies. The VLP is very low profile. CL6 is cas latency 6. It's not performance memory but you will never know the difference. High end DDR2 800 had a cas of 4.
  4. This ram did not work for this motherboard :( i am sad panda... Luckily the seller does full refunds... can anyone help me figure out why it does not work? it beeps every 3 seconds at startup.....
  5. I am a total idiot and I truly apologize. I just reread the specs on that RAM and it's ECC RAM. ECC RAM is designed for servers and will not work in desktop motherboards. I only read the headline and looked at the picture on the ebay page and it does not mention being ECC. It does say it later in the listing though. So I should have read the whole thing but the seller should have listed it as ECC in the headline.
  6. Its ok man thanks for your help anyways yea the buyer def should have listed that in the headline, i was wondering why it was so cheap. They do full refunds so im good
  7. Actually ECC is generally more expensive than non ECC. DDR2 is just expensive now that it is pretty much obsolete.

    Once again sorry about that. First time in the over 4 years I have been posting here that I have goofed like that. At least that I know about! Today is my first day as a moderator too. Guess I started out with a bang! The wrong kind of bang but a bang never the less.
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