Help needed upgrading graphics card on ancient Dell Studio Slim 540s

Hello, I am looking to improve the graphics card that came with the studio slim 540s, but I'm running into problems due to the PSU (250w) and the face that I need a small card that will fit my case. The bracket is tiny - only big enough for a DVI and HDMI port side by side.

The rest of the specs of the computer aren't terrible: 64-bit Intel core 2 quad CPU Q8300 2.5ghz, 8gb RAM. I am also going to upgrade it to windows 7 as it came with vista originally.

I am looking to be able to run games on it - mostly stuff like Civ 5 (it will run this now, but doesn't really feel playable), but I'd like to be able to play splinter cell blacklist on it if that's not too pie in the sky. I know I'll never be able to put the settings up to high or even play in a decent resolution, but any advice you could give on a card that will at least run the game in my teeny case would be great.

I am in the UK so would prefer a UK supplier. I don't really have a price in mind - I'm assuming the cards I can use are going to be pretty old/low powered so I won't have to sell a kidney, but I'd prefer to be under £200 if possible.

I also won't be running two monitors or trying to overclock the machine. From previous threads I think I read that the Radeon HD 7750 was recommended, but when I've tried to look for it all the sellers seem to recommend a 400w PSU, which is almost double what the slim 540s has. Are they just overestimating the power requirements, or could that card blow up my computer?

Here's what I'm looking at, but again it says 400w power needed. One reviewer did say they were running the card in a 220w case though:

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  1. I would definitely not run a card that's spec'd at 400W on a 250W power supply. Very bad idea. Realistically you're going to have to upgrade your PSU. It's the only way you're going to get a better card in there.
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