Since yesterday when playing battlefield bad company 2 my GPU Video Card is getting hot up to 104c


My system is windows 8 64bit 6gb ram and gtx 580 nvidia 1.5gb memory video card.
Everything went good i played this game bfbc2 for long time and yesterday i logged in the game to play ( there is a problem you can log in now only with new soldier created with lower case letters name ) and for no reason i can guess after 5-7- minutes of playing the video card is working very hard i can hear it clear and using my program i did the temperature of the GPU are getting to 104-105c

After 10 minutes the pc it self the case is very hot very hot and then the monitor of the pc is shut down and that's it all i can do is to restart the pc.

If the temperature is getting to 104-105c and then i quit the server not the game ! just quit the server back to the game main menu the temperature of the GPU is back to normal 66-69c

104-105c maybe more i was afraid my pc will explode or get coocked !

I tried in the game to low down all the graphics settings to minimum but it didn'help.

So i can't figure it out so strange !

1. It all started yesterday if it was dust then it was suppose to happen before the problem with the log in that ea have. Since i didn't clean my pc inside for long time .

2. It happen when im in a server and playing when im in the main menu not connected to a server everything is fine.

What could be the reason ? So strange.
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    Well, naturally you should clean the PC including the card. That would be the first thing to do. Get a can of compressed air and CAREFULLY blow the dust out. If the card has been in constant use for over a year, it might be time to change the thermal paste between the card's heat sync and the GPU. When it gets dried out, it looses its ability to transfer heat. Then make sure there is good airflow through the case. Don't leave the case sit on a fluffy carpet that can close off the air vents, and make sure the PC is open to room air.
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