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So I do not know which is more important the core clock or the amount of memory for a video card. More specifically I can get the gtx 760 with 2gb of gddr5 memory at 1.08ghz or I could get a 7950 with 3gb of gddr5 memory but only 800mhz. Which one is better for gaming? Thanks in advance
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    read some gtx 760 review because you can't compare apple with orange.
    lucky tomshardware have one.,3542.html
  2. If u are asking in general,i would go for the one with high core speed.u need extra vram if u are running multiple monitor or gaming at a very high res.2gb of ddr5 should be adequate.comparing these 2 cards are like the guy above me said,apple and orange.they both performs well beating each other in some aspect(vram,speed,bandwith).if u plan to oc go for 7950 as its oc quiet well.if not go for the 760.its like 5-8% faster.but driver wise,i would lean more towards nvidia.amd are good card(owner of 6770,7970) but their drivers update is what holding the card true performance.
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