xfx 6870 blue screen / fan speed problems

as i posted before ( ive been having issues with my 6870. as suggested in my other post i invested in a new power supply; corsair enthusiast series TX650. works great with my PC, no issues at all with it. all graphics cards i try the fan speed problem i had (them running 100% the entire time) has been fixed with it.

except my 6870. when i put it in and turn my PC on, immediately the fan kicks on 4000 RPM + even when its in bios. when i load the windows starting screen, it will either let me get to the log in screen, then when i log in it crashes and my screen gets weird color/patterns and freezes until i restart my PC - or it just blue screens before the log in screen. if i start it in safe mode, i can get on though. i deleted all graphics drivers and tried again - same thing. also it doesn't respond to fan control. so i took off the 6870 case and checked the fan wires and did a bit of extra cleaning on them, didnt help either.

is my 6870 just dead (its 2-3 years old now with heavy use)? any suggestions? i'm 100% it's not the power supply this time, because with other graphics cards like my 9500GT/2400 radeon my computer suddenly becomes so quiet i can't even hear it unless i put my ear next to the case (not to mention the power supply is just a few hours old now). also before overclocking my PC would cause it to not even boot, now its fine overclocked.

Mobo: BioStar A880GZ
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE
RAM: Gskill 8GB PC3 12800 (2 sticks of 4GB)
HDD: WD 1TB 7200 RPM (478GB free)
PSU: corsair enthusiast series TX650
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 6.01.7601

GPU(s): 9500GT / 2400 Radeon / 6870 XFX
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    Yep really sounds like the card came to the end of its life.
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