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I have the following Google Chrome security extension: Avast Online Security, AVG Do Not Track, Bitdefender Quickscan, Netcraft Anti-Phishing, and Bitdefender's Traffic Light. The AV I currently use for my whole computer is also Bitdefender. My computer's firewall is Agnitum Outpost and I also have Zemana Antilogger.

Are those too many Chrome security extensions? If you think so, which ones would you keep?
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  1. Thanks for your post. I have used Ghostery and Ad-Block Plus in the past. I installed my current extensions when I reinstalled Chrome. However, I don't know much about extensions. Do the AVG, Bitdefender and Avast Google extensions take up much space or slow down Chrome?
  2. You have answered my original question. I believe that would apply to Chrome extensions, as well. I have removed the Avast and AVG extensions, and kept the two Bitdefender extensions, since Bitdefender is my computer AV. I also kept Netcraft Anti-Phishing and added Ghostery, Ad-block Plus, and Toggle Adblock Plus extensions. Thanks for helping me to organize the right extensions to better optimize my browser security.
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    I use ghostery, works fine with torch browser. I like to believe this is enough, although sometimes I wonder if having the full line up is a better idea.
  4. Thanks for your suggestion. I now use the Pale Moon browser, and have installed Ghostery, as well as Do Not Track Me and Adblock Edge. There don't seem to be any conflicts, although Ghostery would be sufficient by itself, if set up properly.
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