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Sata 3 cable in a sata 2 hdd

My motherboard is sata 3 and I am pretty sure my hdd is sata 2, can I use a sata 3 cable in a sata 2 drive?
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  1. Same with a dvdrw? I am pretty sure my dvdrw is sata 1.
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    yes, there really isn't a sata III cable. they are all the same.

    see this test:

    in terms of ports, all ports are backwards compatible. (i.e sata 3 ports with with sata 2 and sata 1 devices)
  3. yes, and i don't think they are fast enough. We wont even notice the difference between sata 2 and 3 for hdd. Unless you have ssd's
  4. So any sata cable will work?
  5. yup
  6. sata cables have no versions. they are just sata cables. Any cable that doesn't work for sata3 didnt meet sata specs to begin with.
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