uninstall sound drivers on XP sp3

Hi There, I am unable to hear any sound, neither i am able to see the volume control icon on the bottom right corner of the screen, tried to uninstall the sound drivers but i cannot find audio drivers in - add and remove programs. when i click on "Sounds and Audio Devices" it says "No Audio Device".
can anyone please help me out.
lost the xp cd as well...
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  1. The beloved windows xp.... My memory is kinda eroding, but the sound drivers don't happen to be from realtek do they? Pain in the A** to work.
  2. yes i believe
  3. Realtek drivers seem to have a bad tendency to fail. Last time it failed on me(some 6 years ago on win xp), I had to restore it from my back up disk. Good luck with your's.
  4. if i remember correctly you can find your sound device in device manager. click on properties to find out what kind of sound device you have. i would uninstall the sound device,then download the proper one. reboot and xp should recognize the sound device. then you should be able to install the driver.
  5. If you see "No Audio Device" then it appears as though no audio device driver is installed and thus it cannot be uninstalled. I take it you have looked in Device Manager but if you haven't follow the advice of the previous poster. You can check the manufacturer's site under downloads/drivers to look for the audio device driver.
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