External HDD of Toshiba 500GB not working

I had a problem with the external hard disk of Toshiba v63700 500GB. The problem:
-When i plug in, the disk is not shown in my computer.
-When check through Device Manager, it is reflected in disk drivers as Toshiba External USB 3.0 USB Device. When I see its property-volume-no volume reflected.

Kindly do help me to solve this please.

-I was using this hard drive for last few months.
-It is having 4 partition.
-In recent time, i was using in my system. Suddenly the power supply went off and sudden shutdown of computer take place. When restarted, the external disk is having the above problem.
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  1. ,that same as my one, i just plug it in the other 3.0 usb port. and it shown again in my pc.
  2. I have the same problem
    My external Hard Drive were working perfectly with my computer.
    Today after I connected it to same USB, Windows can't find the proper driver to run it

    Wher can I find Device driver for the same device : External HDD of Toshiba 500GB
  3. I have same problem, i can see the device on device manager but can not see in my computer as a drive. Does anyone find smt to solve this problem?
  4. hi even i have the same problem
  5. I have had the same problem. Light turns on, drive spins, can see it in devices but not My Computer.

    Anybody try removing the drive and turning it internal? Do you guys know if it's SATA? I've been googling like mad to no avail. If not SATA, is it doable to convert it such that it works with a normal motherboard on a PC? Thanks in advance!
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