Looking at wal-mart Ibuypower custom PC build

I am looking at the ibuypower wal-mart deals, and while I've heard that buying from the ibuypower site gets you more options, my borther works at wal-mart so i get 10% off the list price, plus free shipping.

With that in mind I'm looking at an
NZXT phantom case.

intel-i7 3770
AMD Radeon HD 7850 2 gb gpu
8 GB ripjaw RAM

and this is all coming together for 960$.
Now I hear people saying it's cheaper to build your own, but with my situation in mind (free shipping 10% off) what should I do?
Would I really save that much money in the long run?
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  1. Yes you could build it for alot less nice case tho the 8150 is a bit slower then the 8350 and the system I pulled up had 16 gig of ram the 7850 is a long in the tooth now since the 7900 series cards are out but if you dont want to build I would say go for it and enjoy.
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    Yes, for that price i think it is pretty reasonable especially for an i7, however if you wanted a quote on a custom build one please feel free to pm me.
  3. Yes anyone, I am new to computers for the most part. I have a small but growing understanding and my brother is very good with them so he could most definitely build me one if I got the parts and it was noticeably cheaper... I've seen posts on here where people show the OP there computer custom built with prices and taxes on the parts and it is cheaper overall. Didn't know if that'd be the case with my specs.
    I am mostly nervous about what kind of motherboard they put on that to make it so cheap?
    And would it severely effect overall performance?
    And lastly, can a motherboard be easily switched out/upgraded if need be in the future, while keeping the cpu and gpu and ram?
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