PSU For Duel MSI GTX 760 TF/oc

Hello Community,

So currently I have 1 MSI GTX 760 TF/OC and am looking in the near future to buy another and run them in SLI. My question is; what PSU wattage will I need to run both of these cards comfortably and not have the PSU running at 100% to keep these cards powered, I do not want any heat issues.

My system:
-Intel i5 4670k
-MSI z87-45g
-8 G Corsair Vengeance 1600
-500 G Western Digital blue
-Corsair H100i liquid cooling
-6 Normal fans 120mm
-2 High Performance Fans 120mm
-1 Normal Fan 200mm
-Antec 1100

:) Thank You Let Me Know
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    A system with dual GTX 760s in SLI needs a quality 700w power supply.

    The Seasonic G series 750w is an excellent choice. 80 Plus Gold certified and semi modular.

    A little better is the Seasonic X series 750w. Also 80 Plus Gold but full modular and just a bit better electrically.

    This is actually your best deal. All XFX units are made by Seasonic. This model is identical to the Seasonic X and quite a bit cheaper. This is an amazing deal at this price!
  2. I really Like those PSU's but am looking for a little bit cheaper unit atm.. I stumbled across this beast and i know EVGA is a reputable PSU company and this one comes with a 10 year warranty and is on sale. Is this a good PSU for SLI
  3. The XFX is a better unit and the same price. The XFX is just a rebranded Seasonic X series.
  4. ok kool, I really appreciate your help :) thanks for your time bro!
  5. brooTool said:
    ok kool, I really appreciate your help :) thanks for your time bro!

    Sure man, glad to help! :)
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