Kernel mode driver stopped and has recovered successfully error on my zotac gtx 560 amp

Hi guys, this is my first post here.
For the past couple of days i have started receiving these dreaded notifications after almost every 15 to 20 seconds which says"NVIDIA KERNEL MODE DRIVER *******STOPPED AND HAS RECOVERED SUCCESSFULLY". And this starts to happen as soon as the system boots. First some coloured check boxes appear followed by a black screen and after that the notification pops up. I have done the following to solbe the problem.
1. Re install drivers for the gpu
2. Installed the stable version of the drivers....and also the most latest..
3. Re install windows7 (32 bit as well as 64 bit).
4. Edit the registry relating to TDR.
5. Clean the mobo, gpu....
6. Checked the connection.
7. Changed the mobo, ram, processor
8. Ran malware, ccleaner, driver fusion, driver sweeper.
But to no avail and the problem still persists. Also just before when the notification pops up, gpu load goes to maximum for a couple of secs and comes down after the notification as shown by gpu z and zotac firestorm....
So guys is there anything that can solbe this problem. Any help would be appreciated,thanx. My cheap specs are.
Intel i3 @3.3, digilite h61 mobo, transcend 500 gb, kingston 4gb, zotac gtx 560 amp, cooler master 650 w psu
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    #2 is your problem. Go back to 314.22 if you do not have the 6xx or 7xx series cards. Read the Geforce forums as they usually have more info than Toms on driver problems.
  2. Thanx buddy, but i have already tried 314.22 with clean instalation, to no use.
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