Hello, i have 5 laptops, ethernet cable, and a usb modem. but i dont have a wireless router or any router at all.

Is it possible for me to use the One usb modem to create a LAN for my house, without the router, so that all my laptops have access to the internet. please help...
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  1. Just buy a router as I have no idea if it's possible or why you would want to spend sooo much money if it is possible. JUST BUY A ROUTER>
  2. No, its not possible.
    You need a Router.
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    Assuming all your laptops have wireless capability that all at least have some kind of compatible level.


    Use google or whatever SE you like to help you understand the terms if you don't already, and to find the answers you seek. Funnily enough it is not likely to be as easy as it was to write out the 4 steps above, but they are essentially what will allow you to do what you are asking for without spending any money on a wireless router.
  4. you have 5 laptops, routers are cheap, less cable clutter than wiring them all.

    plus, these are laptops, if you use wired connection, you wont be able to move them much.
    easiest way would be to get a router
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