Do you have to format and partition a hard drive on a reinstalled operating system

I have 3 drives; 1x 120GB ssd and 2x2TB hdd and I'm facing a few problems with my operating system,, which is obviously installed on the ssd. if i decide to format my ssd and reinstall windows, will i have to format or will i lose any data at all on my hard drives to begin using them on the fresh operating system? Thanks for reading
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    No, you don't. That is the whole point of partitions and separate drives. When you need to change OS or format a certain drive/partition, you don't lose the other data.
  2. If you need to reinstall the OS:

    Unplug the hard drives
    Install on the SSD
    Verify it works
    Reconnect the HDDs

    You'll probably have to reinstall all of your applications though.

    That is, IF you determine a full reinstall is the answer. Have you tried Windows Repair, or an earlier Restore point?
  3. If you have programs installed on the hard drive, you will need to reinstall those since windows will have no idea that they exists once you format the SSD with the OS on it.
  4. To be safe i disconnected the drives and reconnected them after i reinstalled windows
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