Would this emulator be real or fake: Xbox 360 emulator

is this Xbox 360 emulator safe as the site appears legit.
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  1. Something tells me that it doesn't really work right and it's just an attempt to infect your PC with viruses. It almost looked legit until I saw the xbox one emulator advertisement on the page.
  2. System requirements (recommended):

    Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, Post-2008 dedicated GPU, Windows XP (DX9).

    Ahm, not really. There is another PS3Emulator website where you cant find bios file. It's fake.
  3. thanks hopeful we will see xbox one and PS4 emulator as they are almost like PCs
  4. FORERUNNER9 said:
    thanks hopeful we will see xbox one and PS4 emulator as they are almost like PCs

    People are working on that, but I think that first full working emulator will be released somewhere during "mid lifetime" of next gen consoles if not even later. But I really do hope aswel.
  5. I think that PS4 will be easier to emulate than PS3 (less unique and complicated CPU architecture). What about this one?
  6. I'm afraid I fell for this, and I didn't even think too hard about it since the PS2 emulator needed a BIOS. Steam started acting funny right after, so I ran a session of Malwarebytes to clean up the system. Ever since I've had internet issues. At first I couldn't visit any web pages, Firefox was telling me that it couldn't detect the proxy settings. I got that fixed by telling it to autodetect, but now all my other programs that access the internet can't get through (like Steam, or Rainmeter). Anyone have any ideas?
  7. restore your last backup
  8. i wish i could make everyone understand that when it comes to downloading something from the internet. If it Seems to good to be true.... then it is.

    2GB RAM to Run a 4gb xbox360 emulator, im pretty sure dolphin emulator is 2GB minimum.... don't you think something with better graphics would take a bit more like 4 if not 8 GB of RAM?

    People just use a bit more thinking when it comes to downloading silly things like this... and to derek Marquart. restore from last backup if it will not let you accomplish that then shut down your PC turn it back on and push the button to get to your settings screen ( for some it will be F2 for some it will be F10 or others) once there, you might be able to run a backup in safe mode which should bypass any rights that the "virus" has gotten itself into.
  9. The only real emulator you will find is on github under construction, and my guess is that it will take a LONG time.
  10. FORERUNNER9 said:
    is this Xbox 360 emulator safe as the site appears legit.

    As odd as it may seem, all that I did was to "compile" a zero-byte file named "BIOS.DLL" and placed it in the directory. At least on my computer it worked, though I did get an "Unsupported GPU" message; which would make sense according to the spec requirements info. It states that a stand alone GPU is needed, while I have a laptop with an integrated GPU.

    I do not know if my idea will work on a computer with an add-on GPU or not, but it's probably worth a try...

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