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Hi, Im looking at buying a Hyper 212 evo, and i was wondering if it is possible to install it while my MoBo is still in the case, i am using the Gigabyte 970 am3+
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  1. It isn't possible to install cooler without taking off motherboard of case, because you need to screw some thing in opposite side of motherboard.
  2. It depends if you case has a cutout in the motherboard tray big enough to mount the back plate with the board in the case.
  3. It does have quite a large cut off around the CPU cooler at the back
  4. Then it might work with it in the case if you can see all the screw holes for the current back plate.
  5. If you can see all of the stock heatsink mounting screws/bolts through the back of your motherboard tray cutout then you will be able to mount the 212 EVO without issue.
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