hey i can't choose between HD6670 2gb ddr3 or HD6670 1Gb GDDR5. obviously GDDR5 is better but DDR3 version got 2Gb of memory so please tell me what is the better choice . can 2gb version have an advantage over 1gb version or i don't need an extra gb compared to GDDR5 . please help
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  1. what are you going to use it for? screen resolution?
  2. Ofcourse the 1Gb gddr5 is much better than 2Gb gddr3.
  3. For this graphic card 1GB is more than enough. And it is faster VRAM so pick 1GB GDDR5 and thats it.
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    The GDDR5 is going to perform better in any scenario. The speed of the ram matters more than the amount since card at that performance level will run out of processing power before memory.
  5. The extra memory is useful for (very) high resolution textures and screen resolutions but the HD6670 lacks the processing power to drive high resolutions so 2GB DDR3 is ultimately useless. Going with GDDR5 makes more sense.

    Then again, the HD6670 is barely on par with modern IGPs so you might want to aim higher than that.
  6. rgd1101 said:
    what are you going to use it for? screen resolution?

    1338*798 res
  7. 6670 1GB should handle that fine.
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