For a long time i've been getting BSOD's. Had couple different ones and sorted them out. Now stuck with Kernel ( or something like that) BSOD's. Most of the times it appears when playing some high end games on maxed graphics. Cpu seems cool , gpu either. When surfing net, doing some work everything seems quiet good but when it comes to gaming problems comes out. Tried to reinstall GPU drivers , downgrade them, but nothing changes.
Here is my pc specs , minidump copies and BlueScreenView file with info that might help you. Thank you very much! (sorry if i did some English grammar mistakes)

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  1. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL almost always indicates that one of the sticks of RAM has errors. Fact it happens most often in games makes sense, since they eat the most memory of all the applications you probably run.

    Run memtest86+ and see if you get any errors.
  2. I have done tests for both sticks and for each stick at least for 10 hours. no erros at all.. but today received the same BSOD while writing a word document. any suggestions what else should i check? or any solutions how to sort things out? thank you.
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