Should I be worried about my SSD?

Recently I've gotten my Kingstone SSD, couple of months maybe. It worked great, but I now have a new computer and I must have accidentally strained the data connector in a way.

Anyway, this piece of plastic fell off:

So, what I did was check the pins if they were ok, one of them was bent, so I carefully put it in line with the other 6, then, I took the broken plastic, put it inside the data connector and carefully insterted it so all the pins connected where they should. It fit in solidly.

The SSD works now, I ran the windows test and it scored just the same, I made sure no cables are touching it to prevent it from moving in the future (the tower is closed of course). Do you think I should be worried about this?
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  1. You should be worried as far as being very careful with it. However, the pins are the important part and if they're ok then your SSD is fine. I suggest you make sure that it's not strained and is fitted securely.
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