Nvidia 650 Ti Alarm Going Off Max Temp At 32C

I built a gamming computer in 2008 when I was into video games. Between now and then I been doing other stuff and haven't taken video games seriously.

A few months ago in June 2013, I got back into gamming and basically upgraded my video card to run recent games...I also got a 20 inch wide screen monitor. Aside from video card and monitor, its the same computer I built in 2008.

For some reason my PC alarm goes off when I run games at high load. I play Resident Evil 6 and Team Fortress 2. I ran the nTune test and it passes but the pc alarm goes off when it starts to run at high load. My first impression was that my graphics card is overheating, but nTune says it runs at about 28C idle and 32C at load.

Something I noticed on nTune is that my ram is really being worked. I'm probably going to need to upgrade to a 64bit OS and buy more ram.

So anybody have opinions on whats going on?

Current Build

Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83 GHz
Gigabyte Nvidia 650 Ti 2 GB
Ram - 2 GB
PSU - Tegan 750W
OS - Windows 7 32bit
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    what about the cpu?
  2. I suggest you get a different monitoring program, as there's no way your GPU only increases in temperature by 4 degrees under load.
  3. I'm now using NVIDIA System Monitor to get readings.

    It appears that my idle temp is 25C and when I play Team Fortress 2 I get the PC alarm at 33C. The alarm goes off when graphics load is more demanding. Then goes away in less demanding times. I check temp when PC alarm is not going off it is around 32C and 33C anyways.

    CPU at load

    CPU1 - 83%
    CPU2 - 24%
    CPU3 - 25%
    CPU4 - 22%

    The only thing that has a hard time keeping up is the RAM which is more or less at 100% at load.

    I also might be worth mentioning that my computer is in a fairly cold basement in Canada. So my GPU heatsink has a lot of cold air to work with.
  4. I checked my CPU temperature and it appears to be overheating at load.

    At idle it is around 45C then at load it hits 79C. The PC alarm goes off at 70C.

    As a side note, when I went into BIOS it said I should check my voltages. Which is strange since I never touched my CPU voltages. I saw that the voltages were set to Auto. CPU Vcore is 1.26

    Resolved in this forum. I might buy a new cooler, I'm still using the same stock cooler since 2009. I just hope it is not a voltage problem.
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