Not sure how to set up different storage devices for my needs. HELP

Hi all,

I'm a gamer, mainly, and currently have a 1Tb HDD that is filling up fast. Now I want to do multiple things but I'm not sure what the best set-up is going to be.

1. I want more storage for game installs, and other general program storage needs.
-So I was thinking about 1 or 2 more HDDs at like 2Tbs apiece.
-Also, is it alright to have different sized HDDs??

2. I'd like to get into SSDs, but I only see the advantage of putting an OS on them. So, what else are they good for, and why invest in large SSDs?

3. I want to back-up all my memory. Is this best done with external drives that you just connect like once a week or so? Not sure what the best method for back-up is.

Thanks ahead for any suggestions
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    1. Yes, that will work just fine.

    2. SSD. Not just the OS, but applications work well being installed on the SSD. But unless you get a REALLY large one, games won't fit. But gameplay doesn't really benefit from being on the SSD, so it doesn't matter. Put the games on a large HDD.

    3. An external drive for that is a good plan.
  2. Its great you are thinking of backing up what you have!
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