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Hello, I had an executable (fortran compiled) working fine in Windows 7. It writes temporal files during execution and now, it can not write. Nothing has changed about permissions. Some update that has changed something in the computer?
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  1. There is no a message error from the system (i.e. fortran message error). There is an internal error (from the program) that complains that there are not the temporal files that supposed to be written. I checked the program under XP and it works well. That is why I think there is a problem with windows 7 and something that has changed... because, some days before, it worked normally.
    Thanks for your interest and help.
  2. Sorry for not giving all the "clues" about this issue. I am using a 32 bits fortran compiler in windows 7 (64 bits)... Ithe compiler works, (the gui interfase does not work, but it is ok). Again the strange thing is that the program did what it had to do... but not now. Still thinking there is a problem with windows 7.
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