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Hi All!

I have a quick question about this GPU (see link below), I know that it supports multiple monitors through each individual display port BUT, my question is, will it support 3 monitors on just the DVI port if I get a 3-way splitter? The reason I ask is because I have a few customers who want 3 monitors and have all DVI monitors. It would be much easier to get a splitter and put all 3 on just the one DVI port if possible.

Here's the GPU:

Thanks in advance!
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  1. the splitter would show the same display 3 times on each monitors.
  2. Ahhh, well I used to do it with my nvidia card and it would just use them as two separate displays that I could move windows back and forth between them. There is no way to set this in AMD's driver?
  3. and you were using a splitter? what make and model is that? cause I want one.
  4. Yup! It was this one right here:

    I was using 2 monitors if that makes a difference, not 3. But it worked perfectly, had both displays separate one was the main with my taskbar the other was no taskbar and I could drag windows back and forth just fine.
  5. no the cable.
  6. Just a regular DVI cable, then I had a 2 way splitter... It might be different than a usual splitter it has labels 1 and 2 for each branch so I might be calling it by the wrong name.
  7. that a dual screen y cable?
  8. That card will only output to two monitors because it can only handle 2 video signals. As pointed out above, all a splitter does is send the same video signal to another display.

    You need a video card with DisplayPort if you want a single graphics card to support 3 monitors. The DisplayPort has it's own dedicated video processor which is why such a video card can support 3 monitors.

    Based on what's available at, the least expensive graphics card that will support 3 monitors is the following Radeon HD 5450 for $70.

    A more powerful option would be the following Radeon HD 6670 DDR5 for $70 after rebate. It is generally a better option for a 3 monitor setup depending on how intensive the usage is going to be. For example, for streaming multiple videos, like teleconferencing, I would rather choose the HD 6670 over the HD 5450 even if I have deal with a rebate.
  9. Are there any better options pricewise? THis is not for gaming, just a workstation that needs more productivity.
  10. The card he linked to has dms59. It is not a dvi splitter.
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    Daniel Phillips said:
    Are there any better options pricewise? THis is not for gaming, just a workstation that needs more productivity.

    Trust me. Neither the Radeon HD 5450 or the HD 6670 can handle games across 3 monitors.

    A less expensive solution would be to install two Radeon HD 5450s for $20 each after rebate. If only one rebate is allowed per "household", then simply buy a different brand.
  12. Thanks a lot guys, thank you Jaguarskx!!! Much appreciate sir!
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